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Crime and Trauma Cleaning Service

At Extreme Cleaning, we are here to help. As a company, we provide a range of professional cleaning services ranging from hospitality cleaning through to Emergency, Trauma & Crime situations.

Whether Your Cleaning Requirements Are Trauma, Crime Scene, or Biohazard-Related, We’re Ready to Help 24/7.

Whether your cleaning requirements are trauma, crime scene or biohazard related, we're ready to help 24/7 365

We provide the public sector with professional crime cleaning services and we extensively work directly with law enforcement and emergency authorities.

Crime and trauma cleaning is a highly specialised field that deals with the removal of hazardous materials, biological materials, and contaminants left behind after serious crimes or traumatic incidents. With years of expertise in cleaning trauma and crime scenes, we ensure our clients receive the utmost respect and confidentiality.

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Our professional crime cleaners work with meticulous attention to detail and extensive training to ensure the affected areas are not just visibly clean but are also thoroughly sanitised, preventing potential health risks and restoring the location to its original state.

At Extreme Cleaning, we understand that effective waste management is a crucial aspect of maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy environment. 

Whether you need professional cleanups for a residential or commercial property, Extreme Cleaning has you covered!

Our team of trained professionals adheres strictly to environmental and safety regulations, guaranteeing that your waste is handled responsibly and effectively.

Trust us to manage your waste with the same commitment to excellence we bring to all our cleaning services.

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Effectively and Discreetly Cleaning Up Crime Scenes 24/7

With our trauma and crime scene cleaning company, you don’t have to worry. We approach every traumatic situation with the highest level of care, professionalism, and respect. Our commitment is to safely address affected areas impacted by crime, accidents, or any other traumatic events.

Our team of fully trained professionals uses the most advanced techniques, PPE, and equipment to ensure complete decontamination for your safety and peace of mind. We conduct a thorough risk assessment to ensure that the correct safety measures are taken.

We pride ourselves on providing an effective and discreet service, ensuring that the process is completed quickly and efficiently. We are always available to answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to get in touch should you require our expert crime and trauma cleaning service.

Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning UK

We carry out our crime scene cleaning in London and many destinations across Southern England and we will also travel across the UK for specialist projects or long-term contracts.

Our crime and trauma cleaners specialise in an extensive range of cleaning services, such as:

Suicide cleaning, traffic accident clean-up, after-death cleaning, accidental death cleaning, biohazard cleaning, trauma cleaning, andcrime scene cleaning services.

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Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning UK FAQs

What is emergency, crime and trauma cleaning?

The aftermath of an emergency, a crime scene, or a trauma incident is left for the attention of professional cleaning. Such situations pose a huge health and safety risk that requires urgent professional assistance and cannot be ignored. Elements like blood, human waste, bloodborne pathogens, or bodily fluids are very dangerous and become breeding grounds for bacteria. It is vital to clean and disinfect the area ASAP.

How much does emergency, crime & trauma clean cost?

The cost will vary depending on the area affected, location of the cleaning & the urgency of the matter. To make sure our experts are giving to an accurate quote, they may require images. We understand the sensitivity of situation and allow our customers to book a free site visit.

Who cleans up after a dead body?

The initial stage of these kinds of situations requires the police and coroner’s involvement to capture all necessary details of the scene. The process of closing off the crime scene ensures the area is untouched or contaminated before all evidence is taken. Extreme Cleaning is the secondary response, who will then come in and clean up the scene and disinfect all areas involved. Our trauma and crime cleaners are fully equipped to tackle your cleaning after someone has passed.

Who cleans up trauma and crime scenes?

A common misconception is that emergency services will organise the cleaning and clearance of a crime scene or traumatic incident. In actuality, the responsibility falls on the owner of the property or premises to organise the clean-up of blood and other bodily fluids.

What emergencies can your cleaning technicians handle?

Extreme Cleanings emergency trauma cleaners are licensed and trained to provide a rapid disinfection response to a range of trauma scenarios to mitigate the risks of infection or public health risks, commercial and domestic accidents, suicide, sudden deaths, road traffic accidents and collisions, crime scenes, and unattended deaths.

Where can I find crime scene cleaning in London?

At Extreme Cleaning, we operate throughout many destinations across Southern England and Greater London and we will also travel across the UK for specialist cleaning projects or long-term contracts.

What happens when your crime scene cleaning company arrives at the scene?

Our crime and trauma clean-up services focus on getting the contaminated areas back to a safe standard. Using our specialist cleaning equipment, we effectively conduct decontamination and sanitising of the affected areas.

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